Skydiving grandmas? You'll want to hear their wise words

Risk-taking grandmas share some poignant words of wisdom.

Skydiving grandmas? You'll want to hear their wise words

Risk-taking grandmas share some poignant words of wisdom.
  • Grandmothers have lived quite a life being kids, teens, adults and raising children from birth to adulthood. Naturally, they may be willing to take more risks, but they also have wisdom to pass along.

  • These grandmas, ages 66, 67 and 72, go skydiving for the first time, and they seem pretty fearless. After going over safety precautions and instructions, they are ready to leap out of a plane at 12,500 feet. Strapped to a companion, they jump out into the open air and cascade to the earth for an unforgettable experience.

  • While that is pretty amazing to watch, they have incredible bits of wisdom that we need to hear.

  • "You gotta get out there and enjoy life. What's life if you don't live it?"

  • "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Don't take life too seriously."

  • "It's total faith knowing that everything's going to be fine."

  • "It's not a matter of feeling younger, it's just being more confident, being more in control."

  • "I just exceeded one of my own limits."

  • "Regret would be not to do it."

  • "I've always taken that leap of faith, and it's always paid off."

  • Not only are they brave, but their advice is sound. Life is for living and enjoying. We can take risks. We can trust ourselves and set and reach goals. We can do more incredible things than we initially think we can.

  • Of course, there will be setbacks and failures, but that's when we need to not take life so seriously. Laugh at yourself. The downslope of rollercoasters are the most fun and exhilarating — though the downward slumps of life can be hard. Know that the view from the climb out of the slump is worth it. Life is meant to be enjoyed, even when it's hard.

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