Can this one word get you through the hard times?

We all struggle throughout life. One word can help you change that.

Can this one word get you through the hard times?

We all struggle throughout life. One word can help you change that.
  • There are many different things people struggle with throughout life, from addiction to depression to anxiety. Overcoming life difficulties can be challenging and frustrating. When it comes to difficulties, you may think you are the only person dealing with that specific difficulty. You may not realize our friends and family are also struggling, often because they do not know how to help.

  • There is an acronym which may help you work through and often overcome your difficulties. Here we will briefly touch on each one.

  • The acronym is PURIFY: _Prepare for struggles. __U_nderstand your body. R__esponsibility. _Identify your triggers. __F_ortify yourself against temptation. Y__ou are in control.

  • You need to prepare for struggles. Learn what your struggles are and prepare yourself for what will happen when the struggle occurs. This helps you overcome the difficulty easier and faster.

  • Next, understand your body. This may sound odd, but it is important. Learn to recognize and understand what your body is telling you. Recognize your emotions and how you are feeling inside. Begin to understand what your emotions are telling you. You may begin the downward spiral a couple of days before your actual struggle. Listening and understanding your body is a skill that takes time to learn. This can be accomplished through the use of meditation and relaxation.

  • Responsibility is often a hard one. This means you take responsibility for your actions and what you do. You also need to take responsibility for overcoming your difficulties. Do not blame others for your actions. Oftentimes we say, "If only you…" and blame others for our own predicaments. You must take responsibility. You will begin to understand yourself better which makes it easier to bridle your passions.

  • Identify your triggers. This means to understand what "sets you off" or makes you experience your difficulty. In other words, identify what drives you to your difficulty. Socrates stated "Know thyself". How many of us really know and understand ourselves?

  • This entire acronym requires you to become more familiar with yourself as well as understanding your struggles and what brings them on.

  • Once you have identified your triggers, fortify yourself against temptation. If possible, avoid situations that triggers you. There are many ways to do this, it is called coping and the skills used are called coping skills.

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  • We cope with difficulties differently. They may include: listening to music, going outside and enjoying creations in nature, exercising, or reading a good book. Surrounding yourself with virtuous things in your home or workplace, including pictures, paintings, gifts from loved ones, items that make us laugh, or things that help us recall meaningful memories. All of these can benefit and help you cope with the world around you.

  • Remember, you are in control. In other words, be in control of your life and your struggles. Do not be controlled by them. This means you can and will endure to the end and keep fighting. When you PURIFY yourself, you will be stronger and better able to handle whatever you encounter.

Russell Gaede is a licensed mental health professional. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology. He is the Executive Director for the Life Enhancement Center.


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