11 foolproof signs that she's into you

Tough time navigating the female mind? Here's a manual.

11 foolproof signs that she's into you

Tough time navigating the female mind? Here's a manual.
  • Men are classically bad at recognizing women's hints, and because women are generally more socially "in tune," they wonder why we can't see what seems obvious to them.

  • Well, it takes practice. If you're stumped when it comes to knowing whether or not women are attracted to you, here are a few "indicators of interest." Once you get good at recognizing them, you'll feel much more confident when approaching women.

  • The "hair flick"

  • Many women unconsciously flick their hair when they're interested in men. It's basically a form of preening (like a bird cleaning its feathers), and women do it when they are trying to be more attractive.

  • Running her hand through her hair

  • Another more obvious version of the same thing, women subconsciously run their fingers through their hair and brush their hair to the side when they are attracted to someone.

  • Mirroring

  • Mirroring is exactly what it sounds like. It's copying someone else's body position or movements. If you're sitting next to someone you respect or look up to, and they're leaning back with a foot resting on their knee, there's a good chance you're sitting the same way, but you don't even notice. This has importance in the game of attraction as well. A woman who is attracted to you will mirror your body position. If you're at dinner and you've got your hands sitting on the table a certain way, and you notice your date holding her hands the same way or picking up her glass when you do, that's a good indicator of interest.

  • Scratching the back of her hand, her shoulder or the side of her face

  • Now, she may truly have an itch, but if other signs are also present, she's interested.

  • Eye contact

  • If a girl makes eye contact with you several times — especially if she looks down slightly or smiles after your eyes meet — she's saying, "Come over here!" If your eyes meet and she looks to the side, she's probably just scanning the room and not projecting interest.

  • The laugh and head tilt

  • If she is laughing, she is showing interest — especially if she laughs often, and what you're saying isn't all that funny. She may tilt her head which is meant to show that she's playful.

  • Direction of her body

  • If her shoulders are square toward your body, she's probably pretty engaged in what you're saying. If her body is facing elsewhere, she's looking for a reason to leave, and her body is indicating where she wants to go; however, a shy girl might face away from you and just send flirty glances in your direction.

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  • Foot direction

  • Even if we're not looking directly at someone, our feet will often point toward the people we are interested in.

  • Touching

  • Women find excuses to touch you when they're interested — most likely your shoulder or arm at first. While sitting, she may slide right next to you to point at something or show you something on her phone. If she's not interested, she'll keep a safe distance.

  • Dilated pupils

  • Scientifically speaking, dilated pupils are a very strong indicator of interest; however, pupils also dilate when the room is dark, so don't rely solely on this. If you notice your date's pupils are dilated, she's into you, and she's probably ready to be kissed. Even if you don't want to go in for a kiss, at least you know she's attracted to you — a definite confidence booster.

  • Leaning forward

  • Leaning forward indicates interest while leaning backward indicates disinterest. A great technique for generating attraction is leaning forward and backward while talking with a girl you're interested in. After she says something you find interesting, you lean in and respond with, "No way, you like squirrels too? I love squirrels!" If she leans back a little, you then lean back. As the date continues, repeat the same thing, leaning in at interesting points in the conversation and leaning back again. When your date begins leaning in at the same time you do, you've generated some attraction, and you can tell she's comfortable getting closer to you.

  • Practice paying attention to these behaviors with friends and even relatives before you rely on them in a dating situation. Human behavior is fairly predictable and entertaining! Good luck out there!

Trina Boice is an author of 17 books, mother of 4 awesome sons, a twin, faculty at two colleges, Ham radio geek, and money-saving expert.


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