20 things you need to stop doing by the time you're 25

High school and college were great, but now they're long gone. Adulthood starts when you give up these 20 things.

20 things you need to stop doing by the time you're 25

High school and college were great, but now they're long gone. Adulthood starts when you give up these 20 things.
  • I hate it when people say "something is the new something." You know — gray is the new black (or something equally insipid). However, I can't help but agree that 30 really seems to be the new 20. As a woman in my 20s, I'm a little discouraged by the stupid things some of my peers still think is OK. It's time to step it up and start acting like adults. This is getting embarrassing.

  • In case you need a primer, here are 20 things you should outgrow by age 25.

  • 1. Forming cliques

  • Groups that exist to shun others are best left in high school — not that they were a good idea back then, either.

  • 2. Lying to your parents

  • If you can't talk about something honestly, it's probably not a good idea in the first place.

  • 3. Treating your body like a trash pit

  • All that eating like a frat boy will catch up to you soon. Start fueling your body right.

  • 4. Wanting what your parents have

  • The nice car and big house took decades of work. You have to put in the time, too.

  • 5. Living at your parents' house

  • See above (only this is worse).

  • 6. Fighting in public

  • As an adult, you need to control your anger, especially in front of others.

  • 7. Changing your major each semester

  • If you're still trying to find a life direction at your 10-year high school reunion, it's time to pick already.

  • 8. Crashing on someone's couch

  • Get a job, and get your own place. It's time.

  • 9. Dressing in crazy trends

  • Leave the cheetah print for the middle school crowd, and find your own style. You can look stylish and age appropriate — promise.

  • 10. Campaigning for popularity

  • Not everyone will like you. It's OK.

  • 11. Paying in change

  • Whether it's for gas or food, people will think you still get an allowance from mommy.

  • 12. Staying out at all hours

  • Leave the late nights to the college crowd, and get enough sleep to keep your job.

  • 13. Relying on credit

  • Now's the time to take responsibility for your financial future. Racking up thousands in credit card debt is not a good way to start adulthood.

  • 14. Being uninformed

  • Pick up a newspaper and keep up on current events. You'll look smarter.

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  • 15. Serial dating

  • Now's the time to look for a life partner. Don't waste everyone's time with a series of two-week relationships.

  • 16. Running home every week

  • Your mom and dad will always love you, but they don't always need to solve your problems.

  • 17. Ignoring aches and pains

  • You're not a teenager anymore, and you need a good doctor.

  • 18. Sporting extreme styles

  • That tattoo, body piercing and purple hair are going to make job interviews uncomfortable. You might not like it, but that's reality.

  • 19. Reliving the glory days

  • You are too old to still talk about that game-winning touchdown you made senior year. Find a new story.

  • 20. Worry about what others think

  • This is your time. Use it to develop your sense of self, free from what others expect of you. Examine your beliefs about relationships, children, religion and your career. You can't move on to the next phase of your life unless you're willing to leave the "younger years" behind. This is your chance to find out what being an adult looks like for you — and you alone.

  • I love this phase in my life. I felt like I got to start over once I was away from all my high school and college friends. This is the perfect time for us to reinvent ourselves as strong, capable adults — not hide in our parents' basements doing the same things we've done since we were 16. Your mid-20s are awesome. Don't waste them.

Heather Hale is a fourth-generation Montanan and mom to three crazy boys.


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