Boy gives motivational speech after learning to ride a bike

One little boy gives advice to all kids learning how to ride a bike.

Boy gives motivational speech after learning to ride a bike

One little boy gives advice to all kids learning how to ride a bike.
  • Learning to ride a bike is a milestone in any kid's childhood. Most children look forward to the day when they can ride without any help and once they accomplish that goal, there is no greater satisfaction. In this short video, one boy masters the art of riding a bike and gives advice to anyone else who is trying to learn. He tells them to believe in themselves and keep practicing.

  • This is powerful advice for all aspects of our lives. When we believe in ourselves, we have the power to accomplish all things. We have a determination to become better. We have the motivation to reach our goals. Here are three simple things we can do every day to help improve our confidence and more easily believe in ourselves.

  • 1. Smile

  • Smiling is key to making you a happier and more positive individual. When you smile, you are more approachable and you have an easier time making friends. Smiling can also help you improve a terrible day.

  • 2. Do something you are good at

  • Spend five minutes every day doing something you enjoy and that you are good at. When we focus too long on our weaker talents, we begin to lose sight of our strengths and our confidence. Find one thing you love and do it every single day.

  • 3. Spend time with positive people

  • Sometimes you don't get to choose who you spend time with, but when you do, choose to be around positive people. Positive individuals do not look at the troubling things in life. When challenges do come, they look for a way to fix the solution. These types of individuals help you focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

  • Ultimately, you have to make the decision to believe in yourself. You have to be willing to work toward reaching a goal and mastering an art. You have to be the one to believe in yourself.

  • If you have a difficult time loving yourself, here are three simple steps to help.

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