Does your better-half get on your nerves?

What habits does your spouse have that annoys you? What are your cringe-worthy habits?

Does your better-half get on your nerves?

What habits does your spouse have that annoys you? What are your cringe-worthy habits?
  • It's common for couples to fight and complain about certain topics. Finances, work stress and other important decision-making issues can be sources of contention and disagreement. But, what about less-important issues? You know, the pet peeves or small annoyances that every couple battles? You could try to change your spouse. Check out "How to change your spouse with 4 simple techniques." Or, you could try to change yourself.

  • This video shows some of the things that couples might argue over — clutter, phone conversation habits, being late, sleeping habits and basically any instance of, "I'm right, you're wrong," mentality.

  • We're all sometimes annoying to someone else

  • It's true. Maybe you squeeze the toothpaste tube in a way that bugs your spouse. Or, perhaps you wrap up in all the bed covers leaving none for sharing. This can be solved by changing your ways. Or, another solution may be to have "his" and "her" toothpaste tubes and separate blankets. Problem solved. Oh, and ear plugs or loud music for the irritating crunching sounds (cereal is the WORST!). Try to accommodate your spouse and avoid your annoying habits that you have control over.

  • Stop being so picky

  • It's not the end of the world if the towels are folded "wrong," the silverware is handle up or handle down or if the toilet paper hangs over or under the roll. Just be glad your spouse helped! Freaking out over small stuff like this can discourage your better-half from helping in the future. Deal with it, get over it or let your OCD win and change it. If it bugs you so much, then put in the extra effort to change it, but remember that it's not something worth fighting over.

  • Compromise and praise go a long way

  • Marriage is about compromise. Two people with completely different upbringings get married and bring their traditions under one roof. The likelihood of conflicts is high. Learn to work together and support each other. Look for the positive in each other. Here are "3 simple ways to avoid unhappiness in marriage." Work out small disagreements, pet peeves and annoyances and move on.

  • Don't let the small stuff become the big stuff.

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