100 reasons you should have kids

On the fence about having kids? Here are 100 reasons to take the plunge.

100 reasons you should have kids

On the fence about having kids? Here are 100 reasons to take the plunge.
  • Lots of folks struggle with the idea of whether or not to have children. It's a huge commitment, for sure, but here are 100 great arguments for leaping into offspring.

    1. Never jump on the bed alone again

    2. Have your own personal mini-me

    3. Excuse to go to the circus

    4. Onesies

    5. Guaranteed daily hugs and kisses

    6. Share your favorite childhood books

    7. Excuse for house being a mess

    8. Ticklefest

    9. Family playtime on the bed

    10. Tiny shoes

    11. Sparklers on July 4th

    12. Jumbo crayons

    13. Jumping in autumn leaves

    14. Making snow angels

    15. Stomping through spring puddles

    16. Lollipops at the bank drive-thru

    17. Playing Candyland

    18. Little prayers that bless everything from rainbows to elbows

    19. Kissing boo-boos

    20. Cute Band-Aids

    21. Lullabies

    22. Monster repellent

    23. Dandelion fairy wands

    24. The world's greatest pretty rock collection

    25. Snuggles

    26. Juice boxes

    27. Play dough

    28. Being the smartest person on the planet for knowing the answers to all the little questions

    29. Sesame Street

    30. Sand castles

    31. The Tooth Fairy

    32. Catching fireflies

    33. Hide-and-go-seek

    34. Frog-catching

    35. Bear hugs

    36. Finding animal shapes in clouds

    37. First word

    38. First step

    39. First "I love you!

    40. First "I hate you!" (It doesn't sting as badly as you might think, because you know with all your heart it's not true.)

    41. Spaghetti-Os

    42. Tag — you're it

    43. Made you look!

    44. Got your nose!

    45. Spoons of yucky food flying into the airplane hangar

    46. Noncommissioned art on walls and refrigerators

    47. Training pants

    48. Training bras

    49. Someone to blame "that smell" on

    50. Chubby cheeks

    51. The other chubby cheeks

    52. Finger paints

    53. Best audience for your stale jokes

    54. Knock, knock — Who's there?

    55. Entertainment for boring Sunday School lessons

    56. They live longer than gerbils

    57. Excuse to leave a dull party

    58. French fry tax (paying parents their due for buying them)

    59. Kids eat free

    60. Kids stay free

    61. Training wheels

    62. Cheap personal trainer

    63. Playing make-up

    64. CHRISTMAS!

    65. Simon says

    66. Personal assistant/private nurse/doctor/mechanic/gopher/stylist

    67. First day of school

    68. First report card

    69. First phone call from opposite sex

    70. First date

    71. First dance

    72. Learning to drive

    73. Sharing clothes

    74. First shave

    75. Voice changing

    76. First period

    77. Keep you current on the new math

    78. Sports trophies

    79. In-house musician

    80. Breakfast in bed;

    81. Mother's and Father's Day

    82. Family vacations

    83. Pet funerals

    84. Homemade valentines and wildflower bouquets

    85. First pimple

    86. First kiss

    87. First break-up

    88. Midnight milk shake runs (this one is very personal!)

    89. SATs

    90. College visits

    91. First real job

    92. Setting up first real apartment

    93. First car

    94. First ticket

    95. Engagement party

    96. Wedding planning

    97. First son/daughter-in-law


    99. Best friend

    100. Finally understanding God's unconditional love.

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Becky Lyn is an author and a 35+ year (most of the time) single mom.


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