The worst mistake is not to make any

Those who accomplish the most are not afraid of making mistakes. They do the best they can and get out of their comfort zone. They become an instrument for good in others' lives.

The worst mistake is not to make any

Those who accomplish the most are not afraid of making mistakes. They do the best they can and get out of their comfort zone. They become an instrument for good in others' lives.
  • Have you noticed how the busiest people are given the most assignments and accomplish the most? It looks like all that work should be spread out a little more, but people have learned that if they want something done they get someone who is always doing something to do it. These people aren’t worried about making mistakes. They just do their best and go on to the next project. They know that the biggest mistake is not to make any mistakes.

  • Do your best

  • The best you can do is your best. If it is wrong, ask for forgiveness, make any corrections necessary and don’t let it drag you down. You must be ready and willing to move ahead, take the initiative and accomplish something. Get out of your comfort zone. Develop personal intuition. Don't be the one who waits on others to initiate an activity. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

  • Be sensitive

  • It is necessary to be sensitive to the rights and feelings of others. Without overstepping their authority you can be beneficial to others. When you see someone struggling be the first to take the initiative and get involved.

  • Be prayerful

  • Prayer is an essential element in knowing what to do and how to go about doing it. It’s important to learn how prayers are answered so you will know when answers are being received. The greater your sensitivity to direction from God, the greater your capacity to know what someone else needs. You can perceive unspoken needs.

  • Be specific

  • One woman saw a burned out home of a young family. As so often happens she commented to her husband, “It’s too bad we can’t do something to help them.” Then she realized that they could, if they would just get involved. She went back and offered her help by taking the smoke damaged clothing and linens to her home. She washed, dried, and folded them before returning them to the grateful family. She showed she cared and lifted the spirits of those that were suffering.

  • If there is a specific service in mind that can be offered, that help will be accepted more readily than a general inquiry, “Let me know if I can help.” A general offer rarely results in an opportunity to help.

  • Think big

  • Bigger projects take organization. Bigger projects take more people.

  • When a church leader counseled his congregation to beautify their homes and yards, one family decided to follow his council and work on their yard. They quickly realized that a lot more could be accomplished if everyone in their neighborhood worked together. They visited neighbors and organized the project. Their neighborhood was an inspiration to the whole town.

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  • Think simple

  • Sometimes taking the initiative and doing something can be as simple as smiling at someone standing in line at the grocery store or letting someone go ahead in line even when it's inconvenient. Give a compliment. Choose to be cheerful and patient. These are small things but can have a huge impact on the people involved.

  • When time is spent helping others, the one helping becomes the greatest benefactor. You feel better even though you may be dead tired. Your spirit is fed. You learn, gain friends and don’t have as much time to dwell on your own problems.

  • There are countless, worthwhile things that you can accomplish — lifting another’s spirits, serving God by serving those around you. Gamble on making a mistake, because it rarely ends up as a mistake. The worst mistake is to not make any.

Marian Griffith is a mother of nine with a wide variety of entrepreneural experiences. She earned her BA in Natural Health.

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