You'll know it when he shows it

When a man cares about the woman in his life, he'll show it in as many ways as possible. Especially the ways most special to her.

You'll know it when he shows it

When a man cares about the woman in his life, he'll show it in as many ways as possible. Especially the ways most special to her.
  • A text is not a phone call. A phone call is not a date. A date is not a relationship. Spending time together doesn’t make it quality. Or you a priority. If in your dating relationship or marriage you feel like you’re a third wheel, or a prop, you are with someone who doesn’t fully appreciate you. Or see all of your amazing value. You are worth more than this. If you don’t believe it, he won’t either.

  • What if your main squeeze just isn’t getting, or giving the message? You’re trying to let them know you feel unappreciated, or not valued enough. They look like they’re hearing you, but nothing changes?

  • Some men just don’t know how to show how much they care. Or they show it in a way we don’t recognize. The 5 Love Languages is a great way to discover how you and your mate ideally give and receive loving gestures. If you’re not on the same page, there could be a lot of missed messages. These love languages sometimes come naturally. But are also skills that can be learned. If a man wants to show you love in a way that best fits you, he’ll sign up for the course and study hard. He’ll know you’re likes and dislikes. He’ll know what buttons to push, and will avoid them at all costs. He will see himself as lucky to have you. Not the other way around.

  • These signs of endearment are a matter of maturity and experience, as well. In young love, it is OK to be patient and give your cub some time to grow. Yet, if he’s not making progress, don’t wait on a stunted flower to bloom. It won’t bear fruit, and you’re wasting your time.

  • If a man is unsure or on the fence about you, leave him alone. Because if you’re with him, that means you’re probably unsure or on the fence about yourself. You’re awesome! Too bad he doesn’t know that.

  • Find the love that suits you. Be open to the one that knows your favorite flavor, flower and movie. The one that remembers your birthday. The one that picks up the phone no matter how late or early it is. The one that wants to introduce you to all of his friends. And family.

  • Give the one who knows you are worth a chance

  • Typical romantic gestures:

    • A dozen red roses

    • A gift on your birthday

    • Paying for a fancy dinner

    • Getting you the latest record from your favorite band or musician

    • Asking you about your day

    • Saying “I love you.”

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  • Signs he’s truly all about you:

    • A dozen blue azaleas, your favorite

    • A surprise party with all of your friends and family three days before your birthday

    • Paying for a gourmet cooking class

    • Taking you to see your favorite band or musician live

    • Asking you how your day was while rubbing your feet

    • Saying “I love you more than words can say. But I’ll say it anyway.”

  • You find the time, money and passion to do the things you truly want. If you’re his passion, you’ll know it. He’ll make time for you in his day. Room for you in his life. He will make it known how much you mean to him with more than just words and empty promises. You’ll know it when he shows it.

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