Top 5 baby shower theme ideas

Planning a baby shower can be somewhat overwhelming and intimidating. It doesn't need to be! Here are five of my favorite gender neutral baby shower ideas.

Top 5 baby shower theme ideas

Planning a baby shower can be somewhat overwhelming and intimidating. It doesn't need to be! Here are five of my favorite gender neutral baby shower ideas.
  • Ohhh baby showers. Aren't they the best? I have such fond memories from my own, and absolutely love it whenever I get the chance to attend one. Seeing the Mama-to-be (and her cute belly!) and adoring over all things baby is my kind of fun!

  • Here are five of my all-time favorite gender neutral baby shower ideas, ready to customize for your liking.

  • 1. Welcome to the world

  • Think globes, traveling, passports, could take this in so many different directions! Melanie Blodgett (of You are my Fav) wrote about her lovely shower on Disney Baby. Every last detail is swoon-worthy. I'm pretty sure I would love to be welcomed to the world that way.

  • 2. Ready to pop!

  • Having gone through two separate pregnancies, I am all too familiar with the following comment from strangers, "You look like you're ready to pop! When is the baby due?" Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of looking like you're ready to pop, put a fun spin on it and center the party around just that.

  • I love the idea of sending out invitations with the information printed on a balloon, and serving all sorts of different snacks and treats such as popcorn, spinach salad with poppy seed dressing, pop rocks, lollipops, etc. Lil' Sugar has some darling ideas to aid in the planning process.

  • 3. ABC's

  • Little wooden blocks as decorations? Yes, please! Everything you display at the party could be labeled with a letter (similar to what the Experience Specialist did) For the letter "O" why not decorate onesies for the baby? I've done this at several baby showers and it is always a big hit.

  • 4. Bun in the oven

  • I know, another play on words. I couldn't help myself. Depending on what the mama-to-be needs, you could ask guests to bring gifts that have to do with feeding the baby (such as bibs, bottles, nursing covers, burp rags, etc.) To complete the party, a warm serving of sticky buns will send your guests home with happy memories ... and a happy stomach.

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  • 5. Baby book shower

  • I don't think it is possible to own too many children's books. We read dozens on a daily basis, and my kids never tire of hearing the same story over and over — and over again. That is just one of the reasons that I think the idea of a baby book shower is absolutely brilliant. Invite guests to bring books in place of traditional baby gifts, to help build baby's first library. The Rockstar Diaries, and Martha Stewart both have excellent tips and ideas if this is the shower for you.

  • How adorable is this sign-in page for guests? No matter what your theme, I bet you can find a way to incorporate it!

  • Lastly, I can't forget about sprinkles! Have you heard of them? It's basically a toned-down version of a shower. These are typically held for moms with more than one child, as a way to celebrate the new baby without going all out.

  • A party is a great way to help a new or expectant mother feel the love of her family and friends — whether it's a shower or a sprinkle.

Jessie McKinley is a city girl living in a small town. A graduate in Home and Family Living, she now puts her knowledge to use daily as she teaches and raises her two young children, whom she adores.

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