You can’t resist smiling while watching these playful twins

See what one dad caught on video when he went to investigate the suspicious laughter coming from his twin girls' bedroom!

Do you have a twin? Or how about a sibling? Did you ever forego bedtime for a riveting game of peek-a-boo?

One-year-old twin sisters, Molly and Megan Keher, were supposed to be asleep. Their dad, Andy, heard giggling from the hallway and went to see what was so funny. Instead of soundly sleeping babies, he found his girls wide awake, playing a spirited game of peek-a-boo. The girls continued to play and giggle for over a minute until Molly caught her dad spying. Apparently, the bedroom light had been left on which led to the extra playtime and, thankfully, a video so we could all watch and enjoy the cuteness overload as well!

Can you relate? Do you have siblings that are your best friends? Do you have children that play well together (at least some of the time)? Often, a brother or sister is the best friend you can have in life. They can be your biggest support and source of strength. Here is an example of a big sister being so happy and supportive over her baby sister’s achievement.

Life doesn’t always give us good relationships with our siblings — that is, if you’re blessed with a sibling. Read “How to build a stronger bond with your sister” for some tips (the same goes for brothers). If you don’t have a sibling, you can also have close bonds with cousins or friends.

It is important to encourage strong relationships between your own children. Allow for playtime and help your children work out differences and avoid rivalries. Hopefully, your kids will be able to say, as actress America Ferrera said, “My siblings are my best friends.”

Wendy Jessen

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