Woman starts recording her road trip on her phone; when she realizes what she just captured she bursts into tears

This is a story of a woman who captures something on video that she'll treasure forever. (And she never even saw it coming.)

Ali Mansell and her boyfriend, Jared Braithwaite, were going on a long road trip when Ali decided that she wanted to document the trip through videos. She figured it would be a good way to pass time and wanted to capture the moments she was going to share with her boyfriend. Jared highly encouraged her decision because he knew that when they reached their destination, Ali would have the surprise of a lifetime, and he wanted it documented.

The moment she realized what she was filming

Ali and Jared’s families are from California, so they hadn’t seen them in quite some time. As they pulled into the driveway of their final destination, Jared took Ali around the back of the house and they went for a walk. Ali didn’t even notice the videographer hiding in the bushes or her family on the balcony above her as Jared got down on one knee.

A quick trip to Utah turned into one of the best weekends of my life(: ENGAGED TO MY BEST FRIEND!!!??❤️

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Ali excitedly accepted Jared’s proposal and looked up at the perfect moment to see her whole family on the balcony cheering and holding signs. Ali burst into tears, overcome with emotion from the engagement and being able to see her family after such a long time apart. Ali’s family could hardly contain their excitement as they waited for her to look up and see them on the balcony.

How he pulled it off

This elaborate plan did not come easy to Jared. There was a lot of planning and a lot of people involved. Ali said, “It started from sneaky Jared. A few days before, he started filming everything, and I just thought the videos were much more fun than pictures so I decided to film things too. I think Jared had this all in mind before the proposal, so that’s why he started it.”

Ali had no idea he was filming only because he wanted her to film their engagement, but it totally worked.

Jared did not stop there. Ali said, “[Jared] also had my roommates have a nail painting party [the night before] so my nails would be painted.” So thoughtful!

This was not the last of Jared’s planning. He went as far as having a fake number text his phone and made sure Ali read the text. She explained, “He got a text from a random number. Jared was driving so I read it for him. It said something like, ‘hey Jared this is Jack from Main Street Diamonds. Just wanted to let you know that we just sent in your ring design and it will be ready for you to pick up in two weeks.'” This was deliberately sent while Jared was driving so Ali would see it. She thought she read something she shouldn’t have, and that Jared didn’t have the ring yet.

Jared was anxious while he drove, and he said, “I was extremely nervous but I said I was excited to see my family we were going down for.” He was able to cover his nerves enough to minimize any suspicion from Ali.

He also had to have all of the camera angles set up before he got to the site of the proposal. He said, “I had a spot that I needed to take her to so that she would be in the right angle of the cameras. Getting her to face me was difficult when we got to the spot because she thought I was trying to kiss her in front of huge glass windows for my whole family to see.” With a little effort, he was able to give her a hug and turn her around so he could “kneel and say what [he] wanted to say.”

Worth it

All of this planning was so worth the reaction Jared got from Ali. She had absolutely no idea the proposal was coming, and being able to see her family was the perfect touch to an amazing proposal.

Ali and Jared are now very happily married and will treasure their engagement video forever. You can watch the adorable viral video here:

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