What this dad does for his daughter will bring you to tears

One dad shows he will do anything to see his daughter happy.

Most Dads will do anything for their children, but it takes a special father to dance in a beauty pageant. Twelve-year-old McKenzie Carey has done beauty pageants from age 5, but she is a little different than most contestants. According to ABC News, Carey has mitochondrial disease and can’t function like most 12-year-old girls. She does not have the ability to speak or walk.

However, ABC News reports during one particular pageant, Mckenzie’s parents were nervous. Mike Carey, McKenzie’s dad, knew just what to do. He went up on stage with McKenzie and danced away. Since that first dance, McKenzie has won 20 pageants with plans for many upcoming pageants.

Now, that is a special dad.

Courtnie Erickson

Courtnie is an editor for FamilyShare.com and has a degree in journalism. She has a slight obsession with running, newspapers and large fuzzy blankets. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.