This photographer follows his wife around the world taking captivating photos

These pictures left me completely speechless.

In 2011, Russian photographer Murad Osmann took a photo of his then girlfriend Natalia Zakharova pulling him through a street in Barcelona with the hashtag #followmeto.

Follow me to #Sansebastian

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Since that photo, millions of people have been following the couple’s spellbinding photos across the globe. Each photo has the same concept, Natalia taking Murad’s hand and gently pulling him (and the rest of us) into their next adventure.

Some photos, like the one below, simply show off their current viewable landscape.

Follow me #barcelona

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But as the years have gone by, Natalia has been completely immersing herself into the cultures she finds herself in.

Here she is in beautiful, traditional garb in India

And as a ancient Roman soldier by the Colosseum

#followmeto the Roman Colosseum with @yourleo. My favorite photo so far! Big thanks to @zhanna_bianca for helping us.

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In a beautiful get-up in Taiwan

A flowing sundress in London, England

#followmeto London with @yourleo

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In a festive Carnival costume in Brazil

Looking exquisite on a rooftop in Spain

#followmeto Alhambra, Granada with @yourleo. Thanx to Sechenoff and @kate_yak for retouching this photo!

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And in a stunning red dress in her home country, Russia

#followmeto the Kremlin in Moscow with @yourleo. Testing the new Sony a7r camera. Built-in Wi-Fi is a great tool :).

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No matter where Murad and Natalia find themselves, everyone who comes across their photos is captivated by the alluring environments they come across.

Here they are in Paris, France

In New York City

The 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia

#followmeto the Sochi Olympic Games 2014 with @yourleo. Russian team tops the medal count!! ??????

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Even bad weather doesn’t stop their stunning photos

And a helicopter ride in Hollywood, California, just adds to the atmosphere

Who needs doors on a helicopter :). #followmeto Hollywood with @yourleo. Thanks to @discoverla @copterpilot @erwnchow

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They have even taken a trip to the wizarding world

Wherever this wandering couple goes, eyes just can’t seem to turn away from their gorgeous photos. And to make matters even more magical, the traveling couple were finally married in 2015, and of course, Natalia lead her husband down the isle behind her beautiful wedding gown.

Who knows where they will end up next? All we know is that Murad will continue to follow his wife to the ends of the earth and back, and we will be close behind.

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