This boxing commercial delivers an unexpected punch

When confronted with danger, you might expect this young boxer to use his skills for self defense. What he does instead will surprise you.

When confronted with danger, it can be hard to see the big picture.

This commercial depicts a young man training and working hard to become a better boxer. You can see the concentration and dedication it takes as he jumps rope, uses punching bags and trains against others.

When he is in a boxing match, his younger brother watches from outside the ring. He wins the match and heads home receiving some congratulations on his win.

It is clear that he and his younger brother live in deplorable conditions. As they get closer to home, another young man wearing a hoodie comes out from the shadows and approaches the boys. Instinctively, the young boxer moves his younger brother behind him.

“Give!” says the hooded boy as he shoves the young man. The young boxer reaches into his pocket, pulls out his money and hands it to the stranger. As the stranger runs away, the younger brother asks, “Why didn’t you beat him up?”

“He is hungry,” the young boxer answers.

When this young boy could have resisted or fought back to keep his small amount of change, he instead chose to give. He saw that the hooded boy was acting in desperation. He had compassion.

As humans, we sometimes make poor decisions out of desperation, frustration or because we feel hurt. If we can seek to look at those who lash out at us for no apparent reason, trying to see what is going on underneath the surface, we would be a more compassionate and charitable society.

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Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for and does media reviews. Website: for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: Twitter: @WendyJessen