This 9-year-old girl died and visited heaven after plummeting 30 feet, but then a double miracle happened

There is no doubt that she is a living miracle.

When Annabel Beam was five years old she was diagnosed with two incurable intestinal disorders that rendered her unable to digest food. One of her bowels was completely obstructed and she was only able to eat via feeding tube.

Four years later in 2011, Annabel was climbing a large hollowed-out cottonwood tree with her two sisters in the backyard of her Texas home. Suddenly, the branch she was holding on to snapped. She plummeted 30 feet head first into the hollow tree. Firefighters worked for five hours to retrieve Annabel, using a make-shift harness they lowered into the tree. Once they got her out, she was quickly transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

Annabel baffled her family and her doctors when they realized she was completely unharmed from her fall of 30 feet, a height known to paralyze grown men. And even more puzzling was, a few days after the accident, the doctors discovered her incurable disorders had vanished and her digestive tract had realigned itself.

The most miraculous part of the story was when Annabel opened up about her near-death experience within the tree. She explained she had gone to heaven, seen her deceased grandmother and sat on Jesus’ knee.

“I remember it was really bright and I saw my Meme who had died a couple of years back, and that’s how I knew I was in heaven.” Annabel said.

Annabel’s family believes she was saved and healed by God and Jesus. They witnessed a real modern-day miracle.

Now at age 13, Annabel is healthy and active. She no longer requires the medications doctors once told her she would be on for the rest of her life. She has exceeded all odds and continues to share her story and her unshakeable faith in God with others.

Watch a detailed account of Annabel’s story in the video below.

Chakell Wardleigh

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