These unique friends have never met — but that’s about to change

Separated by thousands of miles, a friendship seemed unlikely, but a unique struggle made these two girls inseparable.

Though they were almost like sisters, these two girls had never met.

Sarah, from Indiana, and Paige, from New Zealand, were both born missing one arm. Sarah’s mom wanted to find another family who could relate to Sarah’s unique circumstance and turned to the Internet. She found Paige’s mom. The two mothers exchanged pictures and letters for a while but eventually lost touch.

When Sarah was 8 years old, she felt the need to talk to someone who was experiencing life the same way she was and started searching for Paige. Three years later, the girls found each other via email. After exchanging emails for a while, they connected over a video call.

The girls found strength and support in their friendship, comparing experiences and talking about normal girl stuff, yet they lived thousands of miles apart. As teens, they were finally able to meet in person when Sarah and her mom flew to New Zealand to meet Paige and her mom. Meeting in person for the first time proved to be an emotional experience.

“I’m sure we’ll always find time for each other because it’s one of those friendships that you don’t find twice,” remarked Paige. “We’re like two needles in a haystack that just found each other,” said Sarah.

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Wendy Jessen

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