These guilty kids will almost convince you they’re innocent

What happens when kids make huge messes and are caught by their parents?

All parents have likely experienced some huge, disastrous mess caused by their own children. Though it’s tempting to yell in these situations, it’s probably better to take a breath and just laugh.

This compilation of different kids and their creative mess making is both cringe worthy and hilarious. Chocolate, marker, sugar, paint and ink are just a few of the supplies the kids use to “create.”

Some parents seem to be in shock from the messes. Some try to stifle laughter. The inevitable “your mom is going to be mad” statement leaves the kids pretty unfazed, however.

Watch what happens when this dad confronts his paint-covered boys about their mess.

As a mom of six children, I’ve personally dealt with many of these undesirable moments: absorbent diaper beads spread throughout the house, paint spilled on carpet, nail polish all over my bed, black Sharpie marker on the walls, wet wads of toilet paper thrown on the ceiling and toothpaste spread all over the floor. (Remember, disasters of this magnitude can happen in a matter of minutes, so don’t be too quick to judge!)

If this happens to you — and if you have children, it will — try not to lose your cool. Kids usually make messes because they are curious and creative, not because they are trying to destroy the house, make you mad or make a mess. It’s all a part of the learning process.

Laugh things off and then enlist your child’s help to clean up the mess. Use it as a teaching moment to help your child understand why using mom’s lipstick to paint the walls was not a good idea. Here are three tricks for getting your kids to clean up after themselves.

Wendy Jessen

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