These baby animals will make you smile and cheer your heart

Feeling stressed? These baby animals are the perfect antidote!

If your life is full of stress and craziness, you’re not alone. What can be better to lower your blood pressure and bring a smile to your face than fluffy baby animals? All that fluff and cuteness can work wonders on your soul and mental well-being.

If you’re having a hard day or know someone who is, take solace in this cuteness overload and bring happiness back to your soul.

1. What’s cuter than a piglet and an ice cream cone? Nothing.

2. Adorable delivered in the form of a sleeping fox pup

#fox #arcticfox #babyfox #babyanimals #cuteanimals #cute

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3. Has all the “koalafications” for cuteness

4. Looks at those sweetest floppy ears!

Aww I think it's cute that the elephants ears are bigger than it's head???? #animals#animallover#elephant#elephants#babyanimals#cute

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5. Call Kristen Bell! We’ve got adorable sloths

6. One week old bunnies. So. Much. Happiness

7. Tiny Malayan box turtles = perfection

8. I could watch baby pandas all day

9. Precious overload!

10. Is that not the cutest little paw?

11. Baby platypus — so sweet!

12. So much fluff!

13. You know what they say about “puppy dog eyes”

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14. Who knew baby squirrels were so darn cute?

@rosee.leah remember your old baby squirrel #animals #cute #babyanimals

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15. Fluffy duckling!

Bundle of fluffy feathers #cuteanimals #babyanimals

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16. I need a pet monkey. Seriously

17. Awwww!

18. Mom and baby giraffe

Hopefully looking at all these sweet baby animals has calmed your mind and spirit. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself and disengage from the stress of the day. Take a walk, snuggle your pet, or enjoy some nature and focus on the good in life.

Wendy Jessen

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