These 53 incredible family sculptures will make your inner art lover swoon

OK, I want to travel now.

Enjoy scrolling through these amazing sculptures of families from all around the world. Some are whimsical, some contemporary, some very old; yet all are stunning works of art. Have you seen any of these in person? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


“Jelly Baby Family” sculpture in London by artist Mauro Perucchetti.

Achim Hepp Jelly Baby Family // London


“Family In Residence” sculpture by Ivan Murray in London, England.


“Family,” a sculpture by Ruth Bloch, Sheba Medical Center, Israel.

David Shay Family, sculpture by Ruth Bloch, Sheba Medical Center, Israel.


“Immigrant Family” sculpture in Toronto by Tom Otterness.

Secondarywaltz Tom Otterness Immigrant Family sculpture in Toronto


“The African Renaissance Monument” in Senegal.

Sbreitinger from the base of the monument

“The African Renaissance Monument,” seen from a distance.

Jeff Attaway football


“Going Home” sculpture at Changi Airport, Singapore. Created by artist Han Mei Ling.

surtr nuclear family public art = Singaporean propaganda


Sculpture family by Slobodan Kojić. Placed in the town square of Kikindi, Serbia.

Dobrislava Sculpture Family, made by academic sculptor Slobodan Kojić. It is placed at Kikinda’s city square.


“A Family Balancing Act” by artist Lisa Kaslow. Located in Germantown, MD.

Ron Cogswell “A Family Balancing Act” (1997) by Artist Lisa Kaslow Milestone Shopping Center Germantown (MD) August 2015


“The Family of Man,” a modern art sculpture by Barbara Hepworth, in Snape Maltings, UK.

Paul Clarke The Family of Man, Barbara Hepworth, Snape Maltings


Statue of a family being shielded in Rome, Italy.

Photo by clarita at


Sculpture of a family by Gustav Vigeland, Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway.


“Family with Dog” sculpture by Boaz Vaadia.

Clyde Robinson Family with Dog


“Family Gras” in New Orleans by artist Jordan Ivanov and physician Laxman Kewalramani.


A family sculpture at the Jacobi Medical Center, NYC.


Family statue at Victoria Center in Harrogate, UK.

rawdonfox Victoria Centre Statues


“The Emigrants,” located on Albert Dock overlooking the River Mersey in Liverpool, UK. It is estimated that nine million people have emigrated through this port.

Humphrey Bolton The Emigrants (statue), Albert Dock, Liverpool

Humphrey Bolton Rear of ‘The Emigrants’ statue, Albert Dock, Liverpool


A monument to the first family of settlers in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Arthur Chapman First Family Statue, Fairbanks, Alaska

Arthur Chapman First Family Statue, Fairbanks, Alaska

Arthur Chapman First Family Statue, Fairbanks, Alaska


“Maidu Family” in Roseville, CA.

Ray Bouknight 334/365 ~ Maidu Family #roseville #sculpture


“Family,” a sculpture located at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland.

Moumou82 Two parents and a child, the statue Family in the garden of the Palace of Nations (United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland). The statue by Edwina Sandys commemorates the International Year of the Child.


“The Irwin Family” sculpture located in the Australia Zoo. Adelaide sculptor Silvio Apponyi said he felt like Steve Irwin was looking over his shoulder, helping him to get it right.

thinboyfatter The Irwin Family


“The Famine Family” in Sligo is one of over 100 memorials to the Great Famine of Ireland that killed over one million people and forced another million to emigrate.

Kenneth Allen The Famine Family, Sligo


Mother and child statue in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

John Fielding Yorkshire Sculpture Park mother and child


Mother and child sculpture in Norway.


Father and child statue in Norway.


“The Cycle of Life” by Paul Manship located in Andover, MA.

Elizabeth Thomsen Sculpture by Paul Manship on the campus of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. The Cycle of Life sundial shows a man, woman and child representing the cycle of life are surrounded by an armillary sphere showing the relationship of the stars and earth.


Stone statue of a family in Cape Town, South Africa.


A sand sculpture of Prince William, Princess Kate and son Prince George.

Matt Buck IMGP7061


Parents with child Statue, Hrobákova street, Petržalka, Bratislava, Slovakia.


Mother and child mosaic sculpture in Great Britain, designed by Lancaster artist Shane Johnstone.

Karl and Ali Spring is in the air!


A monument to the family in María Elena, Chile.

Lorna-Lorna Oficina Salitrera María Elena…el monumento a la familia salitrera de Ma. Elena.


“Tribute to Injured Police Officers and Their Families” by Julie Rotblatt Amrany and Omri Amrany. Located at the Gold Star Families Memorial and Park, Chicago, IL.


“Journey’s End” monument sculpted by Stan Watts. A pioneer family kneels in prayer beside their handcart after crossing the plains. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


A statue of grieving mother and her children at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami, Florida.

osseous April 7, 2015


A modern family sculpture in India.

ben dalton family sculpture


“The Family” in Duleek, Ireland, created by artist Maurice Harron.


“Family,” a monument in Grunwaldzki Square in Katowice, Poland.


Slavery Monument on the Riverfront in Savannah, GA. A family stands together with the chain of slavery underfoot.

muffinn Savannah – family statue – Slavery Monument on Riverfront in Savannah, GA


Statue of an Egyptian family from long ago — Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye with Princess Henuttaneb.

V Manninen The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt


“In The Family Circle” or “Melissa Walks,” located in Provo, Utah. Created by Dennis Smith.


“The Family-Spirit Of Macroom Sculpture” in Ireland with stained glass in the background.


__”Familjen,” also called “Familjegrupp,” is located in Mälartorget, Stockholm, Sweden.This unique sculpture by Pye Engström has movable pieces. People are free to rearrange them, but this look with the child in the center and the parents’ arms encircling seems to be the most popular.


Sculpture of a happy family heading out to play on the beach in Qinhuangdao, China.


A memorial in remembrance of ancestors in Budakeszi, Hungary.

Globetrotter19 Remembered to Ancestors. Modern, steel and stone memorial. Historic Event related. Townscape significance. Anniversary. At the Our Lady of the Snow church. – Fő Street, Budakeszi, Pest County, Hungary.


“Warm Home” sculpture in Tangshan, China.


A family sculpture in a park in Japan.


A monument of the traveling family in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


A statue of a single mother at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. This sculpture is dedicated to war widows who had to raise their children alone.

Blue Lotus Statue of (a) mother at the Yasukuni shrine, dedicated to those mothers who lost their husbands in the war but succeeded in raising their children anyway. Erected in 1974.


“Family Conference” by Gladman Zinyeka, located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Derek Keats Family Conference by Gladman Zinyeka – Shona Sculpture, Kirstenbosch


“Nomadic Family” by Blessing Sanyanga, located in Dublin, Ireland.

William Murphy Nomadic Family By Blessing Sanyanga – Sculpture In Context 2014 Ref-1186


Sculpture of a grandmother and grandfather in Spain.


Sculpture of a family playing.

Jaysin Trevino Family Sculpture


A Zimbabwean shona sculpture at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Canada.

Roland Tanglao 20100829017.jpg


“The Spirit of Detroit” by Marshall Fredericks holds a large sphere that symbolizes God in one hand, and a family group in the other.

Ray Dumas Spirit of Detroit

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