The worst baby names of 2017

Some parents should never be allowed to name children.

Thank goodness for legal name changes, because some poor kids get the worst names and it’s 100 percent out of their control. From weird spellings to popular villains, there seems to be no limit to the names parents will give their kids.

Some people probably shouldn’t be allowed to name children, especially the parents of these 16 kids:


This kid’s gonna be trendy.

Shay’Lenn Heaven Nevaeh Hope

Yep, this is all one first name. They just had to spell ‘heaven’ forwards AND backwards.


Changing the ‘f’ to a ‘ph’ doesn’t make this one any better.


It just sounds randomly strange until you read it backwards


This kid’s gonna go through so much chair-related teasing.


Is this a child or a snow cone flavor?

Ya’ Hyness

‘Hey, Ya’Hyness, get over here.’

Ninja Qwest

This kid’s going places.


Please please just let her go by “Bell.”

Baby Boi

It’s horrible as a child, but even worse when he’s an adult.


Is it pronounced ‘beautiful’ or ‘beaut-EE-ful’?


This is a child, not a furniture store.


The parents who named their child this are shady.


Parent’s thought process: “How can we make the name “Unique” even more unique?”


If you don’t know the definition of this word, google it. And then pray for this child.


Luke, Anakin, Han … literally even Yoda would have been a better Star Wars name.

McKenna Park

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