The worst baby names of 2016

Someone needs to make a law against naming babies any of these names.

Baby names are getting crazier and crazier these days. Last week a Reddit user asked “What’s the worst baby’s name you’ve heard lately?” and people responded with a pretty definitive list of the worst baby names of the year.


A Reddit user commented that it sounds like “The lizard’s breath.”


This is pronounced “Maverick.”


Reddit users are really against alternate spellings like this one for “Olivia.”


What happens when the baby grows up?


Spelling words backwards is all the rage.


This commenter works in childcare.

North West

Don’t worry, Reddit users didn’t forget to mention Saint.


According to a commenter, this kid could be rolling like a celebrity in “Beberly Hills.”

Harley Quinn

Don’t say it too fast.


Apparently these parents are Dumas fans.


I’m not sure what these parents are trying to say but it sounds like they’re saying it with a lisp.

Melinda Fox

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