The hottest new trends for weddings in 2016

A new annual survey has revealed what couples are actually spending on their 2016 weddings, showing a shift in what couples plan to spend.

Modern marrying couples want to give their weddings a more personal touch.

That’s according to a new study released by The Knot, a wedding information resource. This year’s rendition of the yearly study found that marrying couples are taking many steps to make sure their weddings are more memorable and personal, but sometimes that comes with a hefty price tag.

The study found, for example, that wedding costs have increased overall by $5,500, making the average spending $32,641. This is largely thanks to increases in the prices for reception venues, ceremony locations and the bands that play at the wedding, all of which are special touches to make the weddings more personal.

According to The Knot, spouses are also having “themed” and “ethnic” weddings that pay homage to their family history.

“Couples are showing their unique style and paying homage to their heritage by incorporating diverse events into their wedding celebration,” The Knot study’s press release read. “Ethnic, religious and local elements – ranging from bilingual music and Celtic hand tying to Chinese tea ceremonies and jumping the broom – continue to be a strong part of wedding celebrations.”

Spouses are also hoping to make their guests’ experience a little more personal as well. Though the study found the number of guests has declined – the average in 2015 was 139, while in 2009 it was 149 – couples are spending more on cakes, music, flowers and entertainment to enhance the experience.

More couples have also chosen destination weddings – here’s a list of some of the best ones – as 49 percent of couples tied the knot from more than 200 miles away from their home.

Wedding costs vary from state to state, too. New York, Illinois and New Jersey all have fairly expensive weddings, ranging anywhere from $82,299 if you get married in Manhattan to $55,389 if you’re in New Jersey. On the other end of the spectrum, Alaska, South Dakota and Texas had the cheapest weddings.

Thankfully for most couples, parents still foot most of the bill, with 44 percent of brides’ parents paying for the budget. Interestingly, only 12 percent of couples pay for their wedding themselves.

But couples have found a number of ways to cut down on their costs, according to CNBC, like by cutting down the guest list and comparing their options.

With all this information, you may reflect back on your own wedding and be surprised at how much people are spending today. But you probably spent something similar when all is said and done. Take the quiz below and we’ll let you know how much you probably spent on your wedding by today’s standards.

Herb Scribner

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.