The greatest football play you will ever watch

These two football teams make a play that they — and you — won't soon forget.

Football players may look tough with all of their equipment on and athleticism, but underneath it all, they still have soft hearts.

The high school football teams in this video prove their hearts of gold with the last play of the game. Eight-year-old Gabe, the little brother to player #84, is made honorary team captain for the team’s last game of the season. What adds to the specialness of the occasion is that Gabe also happens to have Down syndrome.

The ball is thrown. Gabe picks up the football and starts running toward his goal. One of the highlights of the video is watching the opposing team add to the excitement by trying to stop Gabe and diving to catch him.

The touchdown is made, and the cheers from the crowd, and the excitement on the field are heartwarming.

We need to remember to include and encourage those who have special needs. They have so much to offer the world. Each person is an important part of life, and we can learn lessons from everyone we meet. Often, the greatest lessons we learn are from people who are different from us as individuals.

It’s easy to forget that children and adults who have special needs can do more than we think. Despite limitations, people with special needs have many abilities. Down syndrome doesn’t stop this young man, Tim Harris, from his dream of being a restaurant owner. He not only owns his own business, but he does it well while spreading happiness and love to everyone he meets.

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Wendy Jessen

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