The 26 BEST dog GIFs of all time

My cheeks are sore from laughing so hard.

It’s no mystery why dogs are man’s best friend. These companions of ours have more personality than any other animal – making them the easiest to love.

Here are 26 GIFs that show why we are so inseparably attached to our canine friends.

1. Mr. Smooth

2. Nap time’s BIGGEST fan

3. Ahhhh yeahhh…

4. “Get outta my face!”

5. Dog pile

6. Best. Feeling. Ever

7. “How else do you think I got these glutes of steel?”

8. That moment when you just give up on life

9. Yoga partners for life

10. “Really Nancy? I can do that in like two seconds!”

11. Showoff

12. The NFL’s most loyal fan

13. Now this is how tetherball is meant to be played

14. When you’re doing something dumb and your friends start doing it too, just so you don’t feel embarrassed

15. Friendship goals

16. When you freak out after coming one point away from beating your high score in Candy Crush

17. How did ESPN not feature this tackle?

18. “There there buddy, it’s going to be OK.”

19. “OK, I’m ready!”

20. The epitome of sophistication

21. Dog vs. stairs

22. Looks like someone needs glasses

23. “I repeat, you are under arrest!”

24. When you fall and try to play it off all cool like nothing happened

25. Me on Mondays

26. Weenies for the win!!!!!

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Alex Phippen

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