Sweet baby isn’t shy to share kisses

After Dad gives Mom a kiss, this baby doesn’t want to be left out.

It is totally OK to gross out your children. In fact, it is recommended. Kissing each time you pass one another, holding hands in the store and even snuggling on the couch are not only great for your marriage but also great for your children.

When children see love between their parents, it provides a sense of security and protection. It is also a terrific teacher as it shows your children how to love and display affection for one another. Showing love to your spouse isn’t something that should be kept hidden, it is something that should be encouraged.

In this video, when a husband kisses his wife, their son follows. He grabs his mom’s face and gives her a big smooch. Either he is jealous of the affection between his mom and dad, or he is learning by their example. Either way, his parents are doing something right.

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Courtnie Erickson

Courtnie is an editor for FamilyShare.com and has a degree in journalism. She has a slight obsession with running, newspapers and large fuzzy blankets. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.