Sad? Happy? What’s the difference?

These 12 tweets demonstrate the difference between being happy and sad.

Happy and sad are often viewed as opposites of each other, with happy being desired and sad, well, not so much. Some popular songs even encourage replacing sad for happy such as, “Put on a Happy Face.”

Twitter users have posted tweets about what the difference is between happy and sad to them. Can you relate?

1. Chocolate makes a difference

2. Let’s vote for happy tears

3. Let a friend hug you into happy

4. Service to others makes you happy

5. You can’t find happiness in “stuff.”

6. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s pretty much the same thing

7. Happiness is helping a friend out of their sadness

8. This does present a problem

9. Well, that’s a start

10. If you want happiness, you should probably avoid a few things that bring sadness

11. Sadness, but also trust issues

12. Choose to be happy

It’s OK to be sad for a while, but don’t let it become permanent. Choose to be happy. Find happiness within yourself and let it grow and become a habit.

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for and does media reviews. Website: for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: Twitter: @WendyJessen