QUIZ: What do your eating habits say about you?

Take this short quiz to find out three of your dominant personality traits!

You’d be surprised by how much your eating habits say about you! Not just that you’re a fast or slow eater, but specific personality traits, because it’s true that you are what (and how) you eat.

So be the best you and choose to eat well! It doesn’t have to be hard, just as simple as mixing up a power food smoothie instead of grabbing a cookie. Let the Bunky Bag help you to make eating healthy easier and less expensive for your kiddos!

Emily Walker

Emily interned as a BrandView content writer with FamilyShare.com. She has also worked as a writing tutor and a volunteer creative writing editor. But if you want the more honest answer as to who Emily really is, she would describe herself as an avid bacon lover and film buff, with Grace Kelly class and an irrational fear of stairs.