POLL: At what age is it ok for your child to start dating?

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They’re not getting any older, and the time to lay down some dating rules is fast approaching. Luckily there’s some research to help you out:

The facts

According to one study referenced by the Wall Street Journal, kids that date too early are more likely to engage in “unsafe sexual activity, alcohol use, and delinquent behaviors”.

This blog adds an increased risk of dating violence, drug use, and academic problems to the list of possible side effects of early dating.

A word on waiting

Both studies indicate that waiting until the mid-high school years can make all the difference- minimalizing or eliminating the adverse effects of dating too early.

What it comes down to

But, how early is too early? Many parents say there is no right answer. Every child’s emotional maturity is different, and there always seem to be exceptions to any rule. For example, some people are married to their middle school sweethearts! Who knows, maybe your kids are mature enough to beat the odds too.

What do YOU think?

Tell us which age you think is most appropriate in the poll below and comment on when you started dating. Do your friends agree with you? Share the poll and find out.

David Snell

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