Pint-sized golfer’s tantrum after a missed putt

He misses his putt and then Peter throws a huge tantrum.

Do your little kids play a sport? Are you teaching them about sportsmanship?

This tiny toddler, Peter, is playing a little golf. After he successfully putts, he attempts a second putt. He misses. Uh oh. That’s where the trouble starts.

Two-year-old Peter tosses his plastic golf club, starts crying and jumping up and down to show his frustration. He’s not done yet, however. He then throws himself on the ground and kicks and beats his chest several times with his clenched fists.

His dad, meanwhile, laughs at the ensuing tantrum.

OK, it is pretty funny, but I hope his dad soon teaches him about being a good sport.

As adults, how many of us want to throw a tantrum when sports or something else doesn’t go our way? Do we yell? Use expletives? Take our anger out on someone else? It’s important to set an example for our children and show that we can remain calm and be a good sport.

Sports is more than just learning how to play and compete, it’s about losing graciously and winning humbly. Parents are key to teaching their children how to act accordingly. Read this article, “Why I don’t let my kids beat me in board games,” to understand how to compete and still be a good sport — even if you lose.

As a parent, you also need to be a good sport. This means not belittling your child or other children who are playing. It means keeping your cool even when the game is not going how you’d like or you disagree with the referees or the coaches’ decisions. Read this article on Why parents need to be good sports.

Wendy Jessen

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