One woman asked Twitter for a date and this is what happened

This harmless tweet turned into something so much more.

Everyone has been on those awkward first dates where you end up asking the same questions over and over again… where are you from? What do you do for work? What are your future aspirations? Please let me ask you your about your deep dark secrets and I’ll pretend to be interested in … etc.

You know the drill, right? But imagine if you had to have these awkward questions at your friend’s wedding-because when you didn’t have a date, you asked the world of Twitter to find someone you could attend this wedding with.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Madison O’Neal.

Weddings make the best first dates … right?

The day before the wedding O’Neal didn’t have a date, and out of desperation she tweeted out to the world “so hmu [hit me up] if you want to be my date for a wedding tomorrow”

Chuck Dorhmann, who graduated from O’Neal’s high school and happened to be living close to O’Neal at the time, decided to take her up on her offer. Dorhmann responded true to first date awkwardness “Dude I’ll be your date to a wedding.”

From tweet to “together forever”

After a short text conversation about what time the wedding was, Chuck called in sick that day at work and went to the wedding. I’m sure the wedding-turned-first-date was a bit awkward at first, but like a fairy tale, the awkwardness faded and now, O’Neal and Dorhmann are engaged. The couple plans on living happily ever after in San Diego.

We are all big fans of a happy ending … but seem to love the ones that happen on Twitter more; O’Neal’s tweet has been liked almost half a million times.

How to find your own happily ever after

We’re always embarrassed to admit to our grandmothers that we are using an app (or Twitter) to find a relationship rather than staring people down at church or constantly ‘refilling our coffee mug’ so we can just walk past our crush at work. But there’s no reason to be embarrassed (despite what your grandma might think).

According to an SMS marketing service, studies showed that 44 percent of women and 38 percent of men on dating app are looking for a long-term relationship, not just a short-term fling. The study showed that 20 percent of people are looking to make new friends. And over half of the users say they have never had a one night stand from using the apps (well … maybe don’t tell your grandmother this – it’s just in here to put your mind at ease). Additionally, over a quarter of relationships from these dating apps have lasted over a year.

See? The majority of those using a dating app is to find someone to be with, to connect with and to potentially marry. Hopefully these statistics help reassure you (and grandma) that dating has turned digital.

We all have misconceptions about dating. Instead of shaming others for using their resources (even if that means less-traditional methods, like an app) maybe we all should give it a try. Welcome to the 21st century where you can keep your dating options in your pocket. So go ahead – take a chance and tweet to the world, change your Facebook status to single or download that app. It’s worth a try.

Christa Cutler

Christa is a part time photographer, part time writer and full time lover of life. She loves eating chocolate chip cookies and singing (but not at the same time). She has her degree in political science.