One family’s tragedy becomes another family’s miracle

If you could give the gift of life to another family after losing a child, would you? See what one mother did after her daughter died.

Have you ever had a major tragedy turn into a blessing or miracle for yourself or someone else?

When 11-year-old Blair was tragically struck and killed by a stray bullet, her mother, Michelle, decided to donate her organs. As a result, Blair’s heart was able to save the life of 17-year-old Andrew.

At an emotional meeting on the Katie Couric show, Michelle told Andrew, “I’m excited for you to have the joy of life, and I’m blessed to meet all three of you, and I’m eager for a friendship.”

She also explained why she didn’t want to meet before. She didn’t want to squelch their joy with her tragedy of losing her daughter. “…but the gift we were able to give is monumental in comparison to that.”

Michelle then gets the chance to hear her daughter’s heartbeat once again from within Andrew’s chest. She is overcome with emotion as Andrew embraces her.

It’s a beautiful moment of one mother’s loss becoming a great blessing for another family.

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Wendy Jessen

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