Monday, April 9, 2018

1. New Life Crunch: Diversity and Racial Representation in Hollywood

Check out this week’s Life Crunch video to get a taste of race in the media and those weird acronyms your kids are using.

2. Move over Martian

Are you ready to move to Mars? Scientists in Antarctica have successfully harvested their first crop of vegetables in a sunless, soilless environment. The German team gathered 8 pounds of produce including radishes, lettuces and herbs. The project is intended to find ways to cultivate food in space

Something to chew on when your kid won’t eat her salad…

You grow girl!

Show your kids how to sprout an avocado tree – without soil.
After eating some tasty guacamole, clean the pit of an avocado. Put three toothpicks through the sides of the pit and set it in a cup of water with the bottom submerged and the top dry. To prevent molding, you should change the water out every few days. Set the cup in a sunny place (we know, we know, this isn’t as cool as Antarctic science) and wait for your avocado to sprout! It should take 4-8 weeks to see growth.

Learn more about hydroponics here or, if your kids are going really crazy for space plants, NASA has a bunch of recommended activities.

3. Kick back and take a break (from Facebook)

Giving up Facebook for just five days can help reduce stress in the short-term, according to one study in Australia.

Something to chew when your kid asks you to stop looking at your phone and watch his somersault…

This isn’t the first study to suggest similar findings, and people have been realizing this for awhile. One mom, Catherine Price, realized her relationship with her phone was a problem as she was feeding her newborn baby in a darkened room. “It was an intimate, tender moment – except for one detail. She was gazing at me … and I was on eBay, scrolling through listings for Victorian-era door knobs.”

It took her probably 15 minutes to realize she was missing the moment. After that event, Catherine spent two years creating healthy boundaries with her phone.

If you can relate to Catherine’s story, and want to help yourself or your child develop a healthier relationship with technology, check out Catherine’s insightful article, “How to Break Up with Your Phone.” (Oh, and if you think she’ll explain her passion for Victorian door knobs in this article … she doesn’t.)

5. Daily Data

_Source: Pew Research

6. What’s trending

This creepy celeb doppelganger face swap

If there were any doubt Zach Braff and Dax Shepard were doppelgangers before, this face-swap posted by Zach puts that all to rest. They are, in fact, basically the same person.

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