Man stares at girlfriend in shock after witnessing something unbelievable; but what is caught on camera afterward catches her off-guard

How would you react?

YouTube vlogger Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams and his girlfriend were wandering around Alaska when they found a frozen lake and thought it would be fun to skip rocks across it – and it ended in an epic discovery.

What they didn’t expect was the sound they would hear as the rocks skipped across the thin ice.

Williams’ reaction to the sound may be even better than the sound itself

Williams couldn’t contain his excitement, and continued to find more rocks to create the musical effects.

“This is awesome!” Williams said between his giggles.

The reason the sound is different from the sound you’d get chucking rocks across any other solid landing, is because the ice has water underneath it. The layer of ice vibrates against the water underneath, creating a “drum” sound.

Many viewers were just happy to see how much joy one man could have in nature.

We love how goofy this couple is with each other, and how they’re willing to laugh at each other!

This is what a relationship is really about: being comfortable enough with each other to be silly.

Agnes Repplier, an essayist and biographer, once said, “We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.”

We’re happy to see this YouTuber and his girlfriend setting a great standard of what kind of relationship everyone should strive for. Watch the video below.

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