Man sets up video camera to record himself and his girlfriend doing yoga, but his true motive makes her burst into tears

Will you cry too?

Alec Horan and Stephanie Gardner have enjoyed doing couples yoga since they started dating two years ago, but it’s not just regular yoga. They do acrobatic yoga or acroyoga.

The different poses they take are stunning, but this time Horan took their bonding activity to a new level.

Horan, an amature photographer, likes to film their yoga sessions. So while on vacation, it wasn’t odd for him to set up a camera on the Hawaiian beach to record their practice.

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Along the stunning shoreline, the couple started with a very intricate pose, but watch what happens near the end of the routine.

His proposal was immediately accepted.

“She didn’t expect it,” Horan toldInside Edition. “It was a complete surprise to her. Steph’s emotional reaction was amazing. Heck, even I teared up too. It was the happiest day of my life. I’m going to marry my best friend.”

Not all couples can excel at acroyoga, but each couple can find an activity that helps them bond more with their spouse. Even if neither of you have tried the following activities, try them together:

  • Hike together. Start small before setting a goal to hike a few mountains together.

  • Write down positive things about each other in a notebook on the kitchen table. Trade notebooks and throughout the week, add more comments when your spouse isn’t looking.

  • Create a bucket list and start checking things off. Make sure your list includes big and small goals to keep you busy for months.

  • Decide on a couple goals and then celebrate in a unique way when you both complete them.

  • Work out together. Maybe try a few yoga classes.

  • Go on a road trip adventure. Make a mixtape or playlist of favorite songs for your spouse before hopping in the car.

  • Cook together (at least once a week).

  • Climb into bed, cover yourselves with a blanket and have a whispered conversation. Bring snacks, a flashlight and whisper all night long.

  • Keep trying new hobbies by taking a cooking lesson, dance class or other similar kind class together.

  • Pray together.

  • Redecorate a room in your house. You can move around the furniture or even choose to repaint.

  • Have a book club just for the two of you, or read the book to each other.

Every couple has different schedules and difficulties, so find a bonding activity that works best for you and your spouse. These activities will lead to a happier and healthier relationship, and might give you fun stories to share with family and friends, too.

Stacie Simpson

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