Man breaks his girlfriend’s favorite necklace in half; after over a year of wearing it, the woman realizes it was hiding a secret the whole time

No one saw that coming...

Ann and Terry (who wish to be identified by their first names) from Tasmania, Australia, were on their dream vacation to Smoo Cave in Scotland, when Ann got the surprise of her life.

Terry had a brilliant idea

In 2015, Terry decided to make Ann a necklace for their first anniversary. He knew she would love it, but the real reason behind his gift would bring a lot more anniversaries to come.

Ann loved her necklace and wore it every day for a year and a half. She wore it everywhere, including vacations, airports and blacksmith shops. Thankfully she never lost track of the necklace, because there was something irreplaceable hidden inside.

What was in the necklace

Terry had hidden a diamond ring in the necklace when he made it back in 2015! The ring was hidden and sealed until he found the perfect time to propose to Ann. Terry couldn’t think of a better place to pop the question than the place he and Ann had dreamed of going together for a long time.

How he pulled it off

As they approached the spot, Terry asked Ann if he could take a photo of her necklace on a rock nearby. This gave him enough time to break the seal that was binding the necklace together and reveal the engagement ring.

Although everything went as planned, Terry had some worries about whether Ann would accidentally find the ring or lose the necklace. According to SFGATE, Terry said, “There were some occasions where I was really worried. At one point, I thought she was going to trade it with a blacksmith at a market, but luckily I didn’t need to crash tackle her.”

There was another time when Terry thought he was going to have to propose at the airport security check. He said, “I hadn’t thought about the fact that she might be asked to put it through the X-ray, which could have very quickly turned into an airport proposal!”

Happily ever after

Ann was ecstatic and quickly said yes to Terry’s proposal. She did question, however, how he trusted her to keep track of the necklace for a year and a half! They were both so happy the elaborate proposal worked out in their favor.

Terry mentioned that they haven’t picked a date for the wedding yet. He said, “We are hoping to buy a house with land so we can have a wedding at home with our friends and family, in a very relaxed fashion that we think matches us-rather than having a gigantic, glamorous wedding, which isn’t like us at all.”

Terry captured the adorable proposal on camera and posted it to YouTube. It quickly went viral and had over 2 million views as of Monday afternoon.

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