Keep calm and … knit?

Life is busy. We all need to find inner peace. See what these people do to find clarity in a chaotic world.

How do you find peace and clarity in this crazy world?

When life gets too overwhelming, we all need things to bring down our stress, anxiety and exhausted levels. What do you do?

“Soulpancake” asked people on the street how to find clarity in a chaotic world. If you don’t already have something you do to help you get centered, try some of these ideas from the video:

  • Surfing

  • Chanting, meditating or praying

  • Swimming

  • Yoga

  • Deep breathing

  • Remembering what’s important in life

  • Taking quiet time to think

  • Relying on friends and family

  • Retail therapy

  • Outdoor activities and nature

  • Knitting or sewing

It’s important to take care of your physical and mental well-being. If you don’t, it’s hard to have the energy and focus to take care of your family and other responsibilities. Yes, being stressed and overwhelmed is a normal part of life, but taking time to relax and rest is also a life necessity.

Read this article about “How to stay calm amid life’s storms” for more tips on how to keep your cool, or check out “How to stay calm when your kids drive you nuts” — great insight, especially for moms.

Whatever you choose to do to bring peace to your mind and body, make sure it is a positive habit with lasting benefits.

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for and does media reviews. Website: for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: Twitter: @WendyJessen