If your man does these 7 things, he’s taking you for a fool

These are some typical behaviors of a man who doesn't see you or treat you as you deserve - he treats you as a fool.

There are certain types of men who will start a relationship, get what they want out of it and then leave. If you’re in this type of relationship, you should be the one to leave first because he’s treating you like a fool.

You’re strong, you’re important and you’re a woman who shouldn’t let anyone, including a man, use you or play you.

In order to prevent this from happening, you have to know what you’re willing to tolerate and what you won’t make any exceptions on. When you fall in love, it’s easy to lose sight of these boundaries and you can start to fall into their trap.

These are seven behaviors of men who don’t see you for who you are, they’re disrespectful, and insult your intelligence:

1. He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, but keeps leading you on

He doesn’t want to be in a relationship? Then why are you still dating him? He gives you bits and pieces of hope that you might be a couple someday, but chances are it won’t happen.

If he tells you he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, but you do, run the other way. He won’t change, even if you wait. This “realtionship” will just result in heartbreak.

2. He flirts with you, but nothing else

If you’re just waiting for him to finally invite you to something, wishing he would talk to you more than the other women he’s talking to or waiting for him to ask you on a date, you’re wasting your time.

You have to understand that when a man wants to be with a woman, he’ll be with her and only her. If he doesn’t want to be with you, he’s not going to put in any kind of effort.

3. He tells you he’s never been in love

Women love this phrase. When a man says this, we take it as a challenge. We think we’ll be the one to change it. We make ourselves think he’ll fall in love with us, but it won’t happen.

You truly believe you’re the woman who’s going to make him fall in love, but when he breaks your heart, it not only hurts, but you feel like you’ve failed. It’s not your fault, he just likes to live his life the way he’s living it and he doesn’t want to change.

4. He has time to text you, but not to see you

We’ve heard that men need their space and alone time. However, this has its limits. If a man keeps you around but never has time to see you, it’s because he doesn’t want to. He’ll keep you around just in case, but if he really loved you he would make time to see you.

5. He doesn’t take you out

In a normal relationship, men would have no problem taking a date out to dinner, to a movie or even for a walk in the park. If a man will only see you if you’re at his or your house, it’s a problem.

6. When you do see him, you’re the one who planned it

Even if he says yes to every plan you make, it’s a major red flag when he can’t take the initiative to invite you to do something.

In the end, you know what’s best for you and your relationship and can decide what you need to do. Stop analyzing the situation. The more you compromise in this type of relationship, the more opportunities you’ll miss.

_This article has been adapted and translated from the original “si tu hombre hace estas 7 cosas, te está tomando por tonta” which was originally published on familias.com.

Mariel Reimann

Mariel Reimann is the content manager for familias.com. She studied law at the National University of Cordoba and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.