How I know my husband loves me

Do you notice the little things your spouse does to show you love?

I am a lover of old, classic movies. One of my favorites is “Fiddler on the Roof.” After 25 years of being married, Tevye asks his wife if she loves him. She struggles with the question, and responds by saying that she does the laundry, cooks and takes care of him.

Sometimes saying “I love you” can become routine and lose its meaning. That’s when actions really show what the words mean. Even when there aren’t verbal expressions of love, actions can say everything, as in the case of Tevye’s wife.

Here are some things my husband does that show me he loves me deeply. I’m not sharing this to brag, but to help you also identify some things that your partner does for you and to help you see that you’re loved.

Shares the housework

If I haven’t finished everything I need to do by the time he returns from work, my husband does the dishes, helps me finish dinner or sets the table. Rather than get frustrated, he seizes the moment to spend time together while we chat about our days.

He praises me in public

I know I’m not a perfect woman, but my husband takes every opportunity to comment on what makes him proud of me. Also when we’re in public, he always supports me. This attitude makes me feel loved and appreciated, and I know I can trust him.

Spends time with our daughters

Our two daughters eagerly await bedtime because they know that every night their daddy is going to tell them a few stories (many of which are of his own creation). He knows I appreciate some alone time where I can relax, so he spends some time with our little princesses every night. This also helps them cultivate a good father-daughter relationship.

He takes his responsibilities seriously

Even if at times it means sacrificing a few hours with family, I know that if my husband commits to something, he delivers on his promises, either to his employer, a friend and obviously to me.

He talks openly about his feelings

He tells me about heavy situations, not to overwhelm me, but because he knows he can trust me. I am his confidant, so he doesn’t have to go looking for anyone else to help him relieve his burden. This makes me feel special; no other person, man or woman, knows what’s going through his mind more than I do. This gives me a great sense of security and knowledge that he loves me.

I hope your husband says “I love you” every day. But if not, I hope you also can identify some expressions of love from your spouse; even though he may not say it with words, he demonstrates it through his actions.

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Miriam Aguirre

Miriam Aguirre nació en México D.F. y actualmente vive en Argentina. Tiene un título en Educación Infantil. En su tiempo libre disfruta de leer novelas románticas, caminatas con su esposo y jugar con sus dos hermosas hijas.