Here’s what you should do when he’s not attracted to you anymore

When you feel like that attraction between you and your man is fading, don't retreat. Fight for him. Find out where to start.

Nothing kills confidence quite like that sinking feeling you get when your man doesn’t seem to be attracted to you anymore. He doesn’t hold you like he used to or compliment your new haircut. The distance between you two keeps growing.

It feels like you’re losing him, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You won his love and affection before. You can do it again. Don’t lose hope in your relationship.

Your man needs your love. It’s all he needs. Even when he isn’t showing affection. Rather than turning your affection away too, try out some of these suggestions.

Discover his love language

If you want to reignite his attraction for you, you need to love him in a way that he personally can feel it. Attraction grows when our significant other speaks to us in our love language. To rekindle that lost love, you need to go back to the basics. The way you feel love isn’t always how your man feels it. Figure out how he best feels love (physical touch, words of affirmation, etc.) if you don’t already know, and study up ways you can help him feel loved.

Don’t kill yourself trying to get his attention

Always remember that your confidence shouldn’t depend on the attention your man gives (or doesn’t give) you. It’s OK for you both to have some space, and that doesn’t mean you’re falling apart. In fact, not always being together makes those moments when you are more meaningful.

Sometimes it pays to be a little more elusive when it reignites that attraction, but don’t be so elusive to the point that you further distance yourself from him. For example, try putting your feet in his lap as you sit on the couch rather than cuddling up close like you normally do. Those subtle flirtations might be exactly what your relationship needs to reignite the spark.

Ask him to teach you something

When you started dating, this was one of the best flirting tools in your arsenal. Guys feel valued when they get to share their skills. Act like you did on those first dates and dedicate all your attention to your man. When he sees that you’re really listening as you learn something new, he’ll feel the value he’s seeking.

Plus, that quality time you spend together is priceless. Sometimes we spend time with our men but we aren’t really there. We know more about what’s happening on Facebook than his life. Learning a new skill requires you to listen to each other and will draw you closer together, making him more attracted to you.

Look sexy just because

You don’t need makeup or designer clothes for him to be attracted to you, but a little lipstick never hurts. Don’t try to be someone you’re not (if Adele’s winged eyeliner isn’t your thing, that’s OK). Find what works with your style so that you can be confident in your own beauty, because if you believe you’re attractive, chances are, he will too.

Get away from your worries

Remember that you never know the whole story. Sometimes, when you think your man isn’t attracted to you, he may be going through a struggle he’s afraid to share or he’s stressed to the point of shutting down. Having to support a family, be the man you need, while wanting to pursue his passions can put a lot of pressure on him. Perhaps it’s time that the two of you just left behind your worries for a weekend. Go somewhere new, even if that’s somewhere close by.

The only requirement for this getaway is that you do something where you don’t have to think about your daily worries and stresses. Seriously though, try going to a spa, where you can spend the whole day away from your stresses (i.e. rekindling your romance). Getting massages together or relaxing in a hot tub? (Don’t mind if I do.) When was the last time you two had that time to do nothing but relax? (You can spend the ENTIRE day at Island Spa and Sauna for only 29 dollars!)

Too often we distance ourselves from the one we love the most. In those moments, all you want is to feel is love from your man.He wants is to feel your love, too. Trust that you have what he wants, knowing that you have what he needs.