Head of School scores big points with his ‘School is Closed’ parody

This awesome Head of School made a school closure announcement due to heavy snow. His method of delivering the announcement is epic.

It’s every kid’s dream. A school closure because of Mother Nature or any other issue.

One Head of School, Matt Glendinning, made it even better when he created a special musical parody announcing the school’s closure because of an impending blizzard. Using the tune “Let it Go” from Disney’s “Frozen,” Glendinning wrote and performed “School is Closed.” Some of his parody awesomeness includes:

“We could make you come to school, but that would just be mean.”

“Don’t come to school here at M.B., today the snow has set you free.”

“Stay inside, or go out and play.”

“It’s funny how some snowflakes, can bring things to a crawl.”

“Today no Moses Brown for me — I’m free!”

“We’ll soon be going back, when the storm is past.”

And, of course, replacing “Let it go” in the chorus, he sings, “School is closed.”

Throughout the video, Glendinning sings at the school as if he is making school closure phone calls, at home sipping cocoa and reading books by the fire and outside sledding. It’s such a fun parody and the cutest school closure announcement we’ve ever seen. He explores the exciting possibilities of no school, while assuring that they’ll have school again soon.

If you’re lucky enough to have a snow day, what are some activities you do with your family? Sledding? Building a snowman? Skiing? Staying inside in the warmth?

Check out these “7 fun winter activities for kids” great for snow days or throughout the winter months. Also, see how to make sock snowmen in this video.

Wendy Jessen

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