Got bags? Grab some berries: Foods that will help your skin glow

If you've been longing for glowing skin, look no further. Changes to your diet may be just what you need.

If you’re getting sick and tired of trying new facial creams, only to be left disappointed, try changing a few things in your diet! The phrase “You are what you eat” has much truth to it; the foods we put into our bodies can help create the radiant, glowing skin that we long to have. Here are just a few foods that will aid in the process:

  • Orange vegetables, like carrots and sweet potatoes__ make the list. reminds us that sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A and beta-carotene which makes them a “skin super-food.”

  • Among a slew of other health benefits, almonds and walnuts are sure to aid in creating the healthy glowing skin you crave. A small handful a few times a week will do the trick.

  • As described by,_

avocados are “nature’s gift to your skin.” The creamy, green vegetable is one of my favorites and makes its way into many of my salads and smoothies. You should give it a try.

  • Have you ever used a strawberry facial mask? I hadn’t, either, but after reading this article I’m convinced I need to try one.

Whole grains

seem to be popular lately. You see the term plastered all over cereal boxes at the grocery store. Increasing your whole grain intake can greatly enhance your skin. Some great whole grain options (that I love) are quinoa, brown rice, oats, and millet.


Looking for a more radiant complexion? Try drinking more water! Buy yourself a cute, new water bottle if you need added motivation.


The blueberry, a small, tart fruit is filled with antioxidants and is amazing for your skin. Try sprinkling a handful on top of your morning oatmeal, or freeze them and eat straight out of the bag.

dark, leafy greens

Pack your salads with dark, leafy greens to maximize the skincare benefits. The vitamin A found in spinach and kale is second to none and will clear up your acne in no time.


aren’t just for your kids. Pack a small box in your purse to get a dose of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, to name a few.

By adding these foods to your diet a day at a time, you will feel better about your skin. For a fun experiment, take before and after pictures of yourself. Soon, people may be asking what your “secret” is for great skin.

Jessie McKinley

Jessie McKinley is a city girl living in a small town. A graduate in Home and Family Living, she now puts her knowledge to use daily as she teaches and raises her two young children, whom she adores.