Don’t let your kids fall victim to the detrimental effects of ‘dad jokes’

Are 'Dad jokes' causing crisis in your family? Survivors share their traumatic stories.

The term “dad joke” refers to any joke, corny in nature, told by a father. For example, the father may begin by asking, “What do you call an alligator wearing a vest?” When the child expresses his or her ignorance on the subject of clothed reptiles, the father would then respond, “An in-vest-igator.” Usually, the immediate reaction to such jokes is groaning and/or eye rolling. However, Nickelodeon recently released a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness of the other inevitable side effects of these poor attempts at humor. These results are very grave and should cause parents to re-evaluate what they are submitting their children to by imposing these deficient drolleries on their offspring.

Melinda Fox

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