Doctors hand her the body of her lifeless newborn, what happens next leaves the world in shock

"We told him he had a sister....and that she was going to be OK and that he needed to look after her."

Kate Ogg from Australia dreamt of becoming a mother, and she was absolutely thrilled when she found out she was expecting twins. But when Ogg was told she had to deliver her babies at 26 weeks, she feared they wouldn’t live.

The tragedy that turned into a miracle

In a video by Johnson’s Baby, Ogg told her remarkable birth story. She said in the video that after she delivered the twins and found out she had a boy and a girl, the mood in the room shifted.

The doctor asked, “Have you chosen a name for your son?” Ogg immediately said they had decided on Jamie, then the doctor said, “Jamie didn’t make it; we’ve lost him.”

She held her little Jamie in her arms and wept. She asked her husband to take off his clothes and lie next to them because their lifeless child was cold and needed his father’s warmth, too. The heartbroken parents held their son close so tiny Jamie could hear his mom’s heartbeat and listen to what his parents had to say to him.

They talked to him

“We told him that he had a sister and her name was Emily … and that he needed to look out for her … we made a lot of promises.” Then, the newborn started to move.

When the excited couple called the hospital staff over, the doctors told the unbelieving parents that their child was dying and that they needed to say goodbye, but Jamie’s parents wouldn’t give up. What happened next can only be explained as a true miracle.

Jamie opened his eyes and put his tiny hand onto his father’s finger. He survived. Jamie is now a healthy little boy and lives at home with his twin sister, Emily, and little brother, Charlie.

How physical contact with your baby can change your life

Physical and emotional contact with infants and children is extremely important to their development and survival. According to Scientific American, “Many children who have not had ample physical and emotional attention are at higher risk for behavioral, emotional and social problems as they grow up.”

According to Livestrong, creating a bond between you and your newborn is crucial. Not only does it help the baby’s health and well-being, but it helps the mom recover from having a baby.

“This bond gives the child security and a feeling of closeness and serves as a stepping-off point for long-term feelings of self-worth. The initial bonding period also helps welcome the newborn into his new family and is the first step in providing the child with the innate knowledge that he is a vital, loved member of the family.”

Moms, hold your babies tight and give them all the love you possibly can. It will do wonders for them, and can literally save their life.

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