Cute kids and their irrational fear of foods

New foods can be scary. Just take it from these adorable kids who are scared of some new foods.

Getting kids, specifically babies or toddlers, to try new foods can be difficult, especially if they are terrified of it.

This video compiles several children who are scared of a food placed before them. OK, this really is pretty funny, but if you’ve ever had a picky eater, maybe this could explain why. Food is scary.

Panicking at popcorn, crying at cake, hiding from broccoli, backing away from corn, hiding from Jell-O. What makes these foods so scary? Other offending foods include pineapple, shrimp — OK, those actually do look creepy — avocado, sweet potatoes, a watermelon seed and whipped cream.

Whether it’s the sight, sound, smell or taste of foods, getting youngsters to try something new can be tricky. Using repetition and creativity can ease the transition of new foods into your toddler’s tummy. Try different cooking methods, cut it into fun shapes or make the plate into a culinary art piece. Food is always more fun if you can play with it a little.

Try these ideas on “How to get your picky eaters to try new foods.” Time, patience and introducing the same new food multiple times is the best way to create familiarity with new tastes and textures.

Another idea is to “Let your kids help plan dinner.” Letting kids take part in the work makes them more eager to reap the benefits. If they have some say about what’s on the menu, they are more likely to willingly try something new.

From newborn to toddler, there is a huge transition in what they eat. Starting out with only breast milk or formula and jumping to a wide range of foods, not just fruits, veggies, breads and meats but also the ways they can be prepared, is a big change.

Give your young palates some time, and don’t give up. Remember when you were a kid and all the foods you disliked? How many of them are your favorites now?

Wendy Jessen

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