Can these children find their own mom without using their sight?

Wearing a blindfold, watch how these children find their mom among a lineup of several other mothers.

There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her child.

In this video, one at a time, children are blindfolded. They then walk forward to a line of mothers to try to find their own. They feel her hands, face and hair in search of the familiarity of his or her own mother.

Without fail, each child successfully finds the correct mother. It’s an emotional and beautiful thing to watch.

Even without seeing their mothers with their eyes, each of these children could find their own mother. It shows how unique each mother – or person – really is. By feeling, each child was able to find their mom’s familiar touch, face and maybe just recognized her presence.

Bonding between a mother and child is unlike anything else. Whether you gave birth to your child or became a mother through adoption, there’s a special bond that occurs. The closeness, love and safety a child feels in her presence is unmatched.

While this bond seems instant when children are babies and younger kids, if not cultivated, the bond and relationship can fade. With the pressures of life and the demands on time, it can be difficult to spend time bonding—especially if you have several children. Read “How to connect with individual children in large families” for some simple ideas to help.

Simply, we need to listen to our children when they want to talk, spend time with them, praise them, love them, teach them and be a strong example for them to follow. This will help your relationship and deepen the parent-child bond even as your child grows into an adult.

Here is some great advice for developing a stronger relationship between mothers and daughters. This also holds true for mothers and sons, fathers and sons, and fathers and daughters.

Wendy Jessen

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