Are you forgetting yourself?

See if you relate to this list of 8 ways women can forget themselves.

As women, we often forget about ourselves. We prioritize our partners, children, work, household chores and studies, forgetting that we should also put ourselves on our list of priorities. Below you will find a series of behaviors that indicate you are forgetting yourself:

1. You have stopped doing what you love

Gradually, you’ve stopped going to the activities that you enjoy or you postpone your studies for one reason or another. Suddenly you wake up and realize that you no longer remember how much you used to enjoy your hobbies or schooling.

2. You’ve walked away from your friends

Little by little you’ve started making different excuses to your friends to avoid shopping, going out to eat or visiting them because your other priorities call for your constant attention.

3. You don’t visit your family often

Before marrying, you were attached to your closest relatives. Suddenly, you’ve stopped seeing them and you miss attending different family celebrations. You don’t know what is happening in the lives of your parents or siblings because you’ve stopped catching up with them.

4. You allow your partner to make your decisions

Being in a relationship does not mean you have to leave your own thoughts or ideas behind. So, if you’re surprised at your partner for choosing your meal for you at a restaurant, you have likely forgotten your independence.

5. You always stay quiet

You think sharing your opinion will create a family conflict, so you choose to remain silent every time you disagree with them. You must know that you are damaging yourself every time you remain silent. You have the right to express yourself if you don’t always agree, as long as you remain respectful.

6. You always try to fit your partner

In part, your diverse opinions, tastes and personal qualities are what give your relationship flair and zest. So, constantly trying to match your spouse’s opinions or way of life is not only exhausting, it can also be self-destructive.

7. You’ve stopped treating yourself

If you don’t think you deserve to spend a dime on yourself, you are deeply mistaken. If you can keep your spending within the family budget, it’s gratifying and healthy to give yourself a treat from time to time. Don’t do it to surprise your partner, do it to love yourself and make yourself feel beautiful.

8. You no longer devote time to your personal care

In the morning, you might put on the first thing you find in your closet and leave in a hurry, without giving yourself time to get ready. If you can’t remember the last time you took a relaxing bath, shaved your legs or got a haircut, you’re probably forgetting to love yourself.

Sometimes you may be forgetting yourself without your knowledge, and it’s completely exhausting when you do so. Remember, you are just as important as your partner and all the people you love. You are worth your weight in gold and you do not need to put yourself on the back burner while you’re caring for your family.

If you identified with any of the warning signs on this list, it’s time to start loving yourself. Take care of your kids, support your spouse but never forget that you can’t do those things efficiently if you forget yourself.

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Camila Ignacia Gómez González

Camila, is Chilean and has a passion for public relations and marketing. She's a wife, mother and loves to help strengthen marriages.