Are you a true friend?

Are you a true friend? Are you friendly to your spouse and other family members? I invite you to read these ideas in order to conduct a self-evaluation.

Published in Vida en el Hogar by Miriam Aguirre on February 4, 2014.

Nowadays, the title “friend” is used in a less meaningful way, to the point that many people forget the real meaning of the word. A true friend is a trustworthy person who knows you deeply, who helps you when you need it most and with whom you are compatible. A friend helps you find the light when you only see darkness and believes in you and motivates you to believe in yourself. It is a person who loves you for who you are. Are you a true friend, as well? Are you friendly to your spouse and other family members? I invite you to read these ideas in order to conduct a self-evaluation.

A true friend has genuine concerns

Friends who really want what’s best for you do not expect anything in return. Moreover, they give you their friendship, they worry about your well-being and your happiness makes them happy.

A true friend shows you true love

Whether it is through small gestures or courteous actions, a friend shows you the best feelings.

A true friend listens to you

When friends care about you, they are willing to listen to you and will help find solutions together.

A true friend is sincere, honest and loyal

True friends always keep their promises, they never lie, they do not talk behind your back or share confidential information that you have entrusted with them.

A true friend loves you unconditionally

True friends do not place conditions on your friendship.

A true friend inspires you to see the best in yourself

Good friends enjoy spending time with you and they motivate you to reach your goals.

A true friend asks for forgiveness and forgives

True friends are not resentful for past events. True friends do not reproach things that have happened in the past. They forgive and seek forgiveness.

A true friend always gives you good advice

When friends seek after your well-being, they always try to advise you for good. In the same spirit, if they see you making wrong choices, they will let you know.

A true friend always helps you even though you may not ask for it

True friends do not have a set schedule to help you. They are always available to help you.

A true friend respects you: True friends respect your beliefs and principles

Even though they may not share your values and principles, they will encourage you to honor them.

A true friend motivates you and makes you laugh when it is appropriate

True friends help you find strength to overcome your emotional burdens, to be uplifted and carry on.

A true friend endures

Even though you may go through difficult moments, your friend can help you to go through any challenge.

A true friend cries with you and laughs with you

True friends share your laughter and your tears.

If you have friends that do all of the above, congratulations! It would be a good idea to treasure their friendship because these types of friends are rare. If you would like to have good friends, then you may start by being the kind of friend you would like them to be.

*Translated and adapted by Anders Peterson from the original article “Sé un amigo de verdad” by Miriam Aguirre