Advice from kids that’s not so advisable

Kids may have a lot of advice, but most of it should be more of a warning.

Kids don’t have much of a filter when it comes to saying what they think. In some cases, it’s pretty funny. Other times, you may be concerned for their safety.

In these tweets from the hashtag #AdviceFromKids, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to heed their tips. Well, most likely. Some of it seems sound.

1. Um … I’m not sure I have an argument for this.

2. Now if you can get the person in the seat in front of you to agree.

3. Please just use a tissue.

4. Playing beats out necessities of life every time.

5. Sorry, not the same unless you’re wrapping it in your napkin and making a veggie burrito you plan to eat.

6. Take this advice and you’ll be on the fast track to debt.

7. This is actually good advice.

8. OK … Well, just make sure you wash your hands afterward.

9. If you reward everyone regardless, what is there to work toward?

10. This may be valid, but do it anyway.

11. Word. Being nice is always best, easier and feels a lot better.

12. Sometimes it’s OK to say no, just not to your mom.

13. This won’t get you very far as an adult.

14. Don’t underestimate “chill” pills, aka, ice cream cones.

15. Sorry, there’s no handouts. You have to work.

What are some hilarious or ridiculous advice your kid has given you?

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for and does media reviews. Website: for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: Twitter: @WendyJessen