A gentle reminder that you are perfect

A little girl reminds us that, even though we have differences and flaws, we are all perfect — because God made us the way we are.

When Ace’s brother, Archie, was born, doctors told his biological mother that he had Down syndrome. His mother couldn’t take care of him, so Ace’s family was able to adopt him. Even though there are many differences between Ace and Archie, Ace loves her brother. She wouldn’t change a thing about him because, as she reminds us, “he is perfect because God made him.”

So often we look at our bodies in disgust, but how often do we remember that God made us the way we are? Do we show love to our bodies as well as to others who may be different from us? It is easy to get so caught up in appearances that we don’t take the time to get to know people who are different from us.

Here are eight small ways to always remember that you are perfect the way God made you.

  1. Leave a note on your mirror that you will see every day.

  2. Serve your family, friends and strangers that you meet.

  3. Put forth your best work, even when you are discouraged or upset.

  4. Say “hi” to people you pass in the store, street, at school, etc.

  5. Give someone a compliment every day.

  6. Take care of your body physically with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

  7. Spend time with those you love.

  8. Prioritize your life and cherish the things that matter most to you.

When you help others, you develop love for yourself as well as for those you serve. That love will grow, and you will begin to see God’s hand in your life. If you have a hard time seeing your inner beauty, here are a few tips to help you see your beauty, both inside and out.

Courtnie Erickson

Courtnie is an editor for FamilyShare.com and has a degree in journalism. She has a slight obsession with running, newspapers and large fuzzy blankets. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.